Holistic factory planning

Plant structure – Sustainable, modular planning

At FAHRION Engineering, sustainable and modular planning is at the heart of our plant structure concepts. We develop flexible and expandable plant structures that can adapt to changing market requirements and production volumes. Our modular approaches make it possible to carry out future expansions or adaptations with minimal disruption and costs.
Further information can be found under Factory Structure Planning.

Factory structure – detailed and implementation planning

Detail and execution planning is at the heart of our factory structure planning. We attach great importance to precise and comprehensive planning in consultation and workshops with our customers, taking into account all aspects of factory design, from the spatial layout to the integration of technologies and systems.

Manufacturing systems – definition and specification of plant and equipment

Our expertise includes the definition and specification of systems and equipment required for efficient and future-proof production. We select suitable manufacturing systems in consultation with our customers and specify them so that they are optimally aligned with our customers’ production targets. See also assembly planning.

Process reliability – material flow planning and simulation

Process reliability is a decisive factor for the success of a factory. We use advanced material flow planning and simulation techniques to ensure that every aspect of the production process works reliably and efficiently.

Intralogistics – tugger trains, AGVs

In intralogistics, we rely on innovative solutions such as tugger trains and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to ensure a smooth internal material flow. These systems are crucial for fast and flexible material supply in modern production.
We naturally include your specifications, restrictions and local conditions in our development and planning.
Further information can be found under logistics planning.

Increasing productivity – individual solutions, HRC, robots, etc.

To increase productivity, we offer customized solutions that include human-robot collaboration (HRC), robots and other automated systems. These technologies are designed to increase efficiency and improve working conditions. See also Increasing productivity through LEAN manufacturing.

Interlinking systems – roller conveyor systems, linear systems, etc.

Our interlinking systems, such as roller conveyor and linear systems, are designed to create a seamless connection between different production areas. They are an essential part of factory planning to enable a continuous and trouble-free production flow.

Guiding principle of Industry 4.0 and LEAN manufacturing

Our guiding principle is to integrate the principles of Industry 4.0 and LEAN manufacturing into our factory planning. We strive for a transparent and efficient integration of logistics and production, supported by seamless online access to operating data. This enables precise analysis and control of production processes and contributes to the realization of an intelligently networked factory. See also Increasing productivity through LEAN manufacturing

FAHRION Engineering is committed to transforming our customers’ production sites into sustainable and efficient facilities through holistic factory planning and the integration of state-of-the-art technologies.