Holistic Process Optimization

At FAHRION Engineering, we take a holistic approach to process optimization in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of our customers’ manufacturing operations. Our expertise combined with the design principles of a highly efficient factory enables us to develop customized solutions that make optimal use of both technological possibilities and human expertise.

Technology as an intelligent companion for people

We see technology as an intelligent companion that enhances and supports human capabilities. By using assistive robots and interactive technologies, we create working environments that optimize the interaction between man and machine and improve personal mobility and efficiency in the workplace.

Networked process and organizational structures

Our planning takes into account the need for networked process and organizational structures that promote a flexible and dynamic way of working. We design organizations based on collaboration and coordination within and between teams to enable agile and adaptable production.
For more information, see Assembly planning.

Modern intralogistics for batch size 1

The ability to manufacture individual products economically in batch size 1 is a core element of our intralogistics concepts. By digitizing and automating processes, we enable flexible and efficient production that is tailored to individual customer requirements.
For more information, see Logistics planning

Workplace design optimized for added value

We attach great importance to value-added-optimized workplace design that takes ergonomic aspects into account and increases productivity. Our planning aims to design workplaces in such a way that they meet the needs of employees while maximizing value creation.

Fast supply chain for customized production

A fast and flexible supply chain is crucial for the realization of individual production requirements. We integrate advanced logistics solutions that enable rapid adaptation to changing production conditions and ensure an efficient supply of materials.

Factory management and factory control

Factory management and control are central elements of our planning. We rely on modern control systems and real-time data processing to create a transparent and efficient production environment that allows us to react quickly to changes.

Guiding principle Industry 4.0

Our guiding principle is to create a transparent and efficient link between logistics and production. Seamless online access to operating data enables us to continuously analyze and control processes in order to increase our customers’ productivity and flexibility.
See also Increasing productivity through LEAN manufacturing.