Increasing productivity through LEAN manufacturing

As part of our holistic factory planning, we at FAHRION Engineering place particular emphasis on increasing productivity through the use of LEAN optimization approaches. We see LEAN not just as a collection of tools, but as a philosophy aimed at eliminating waste in all its forms and continuously improving processes.

Integration of LEAN methods

  • Individual solutions:
    We develop customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. LEAN principles such as value stream design and Kaizen are incorporated into the concept in order to streamline processes and maximize added value.
  • Human-robot collaboration (HRC) and robots:
    By introducing HRC and robotics into production lines, we promote efficient collaboration between man and machine. LEAN methods and standardized work help to optimize the working environment and increase efficiency.
  • Interlinking systems:
    Our interlinking systems are designed to comply with the LEAN principles of flow production. They enable a steady and lean material flow that reduces overproduction and waiting times.

LEAN optimization in practice

  • Just-in-time principle:
    We rely on the just-in-time principle to minimize stock levels and ensure demand-driven production. This leads to a reduction in storage costs and an increase in responsiveness to customer requirements.
  • Visualization and transparency:
    By visualizing processes and communicating key figures transparently, we create a clear understanding of processes and enable potential for improvement to be identified quickly.
  • Continuous improvement process (CIP):
    We promote a continuous improvement process by involving employees and encouraging them to contribute their ideas and suggestions for process optimization.

By combining state-of-the-art technology and LEAN optimization approaches, we at FAHRION Engineering create a production environment that is not only productive, but also adaptable and future-proof. We support our customers in streamlining their production processes and sustainably increasing efficiency.