The aeronautics and space technology is now near to the boundary of physics.
More gain of performance is only possible by using innovative
materials like e.g. titanium, light metal webs, composite-plastics – and
these require again innovative production lines. Fahrion is a reliable
partner for the overall planning of aircraft manufacturing,
maintenance docks and hangars as well as airport facilities.

On the first hand, in partial areas like e.g. the Tornado-wingbox made
of welded titanium structures, the mechanical machining of
integral segments, the lamination of rotor blades and Airbus
vertical stabilizers, the manufacture of wire harness, solar cells
for satellites and also the assembly of Airbus doors, Tornado
fuselage and helicopters.
These are all production facilities which were also realized through
know-how of Fahrion.
On the second hand, in the planning and realization of complete
plants: from the architecture to the planning of the assembly
lines – without interfaces but with numerous synergy effects.

Therefore, we have developed standardized aircraft hangars and
maintenance docks which were patented worldwide.