Gear Building

The almost uncountable scope of propulsion systems requires individual concepts – taylor-made on the ressources, the customer, the competition and, of course, on the products. Way of propulsion, performance characteristics, quantity and dimension from the clockwork to the power station require much know-how for planning, development and production. Fahrion has the know-how for your future success, since we have already planned and realized numerous production facilities and the appropriate test systems for very different propulsion systems.

For example in the vehicle industry for engines, gears, axles, steering, electrical window lifters, roof systems for convertibles and for bus- and railway doors.

In the ship building industry for engines, gears, crankshafts and helical gears.

In the aircraft industry for maintenance- and assembly facilities for jet engines and helicopter propulsion systems.

In special areas with very individual layouts for deposit collection systems, booms and pumps for concrete pump vehicles, miniature drives in manometers and thermometers.