Material flow without friction to and from the plant facilities becomes more and more a key factor in competition. Besides the just-in-time supply of the production, this also applies for the logistics from the trading companies to the users and consumers.

Fahrion has planned and realized nearly every kind of logistic lines. For example for heavy coils on the railway. For building material and building waste material with ships. Food from the cold storage to the trading companies. Pairs of Airbus-wings with the “Beluga” to the final assembly in Toulouse. Tornado fuselage middle sections on low-bed trailers to the final assembly. Car components by shuttle just-in-time to the production.

Additionally we offer experience in all kinds of production logistics: the movement of goods with and without storage within the plant. If possible, we rely on self-responsible flow processes.

For these planning tasks, Fahrion has developed state of the art logistic tools.