Plant logistics

FAHRION Engineering relies on lean manufacturing to efficiently design intralogistics processes in the areas of logistics, production, surface technology and assembly. By using the latest methods and tools, non-value-adding activities are eliminated while value-adding processes are optimized. This leads to the minimization of capital commitments and throughput times.

To ensure lean and effective plant logistics, FAHRION Engineering plans the use of various means of transportation, such as continuous conveyors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or tugger trains for the delivery and collection of materials. Detailed simulations are used to select the optimum system in order to maximize efficiency.

FAHRION Engineering designs high-performance systems for situations where large storage and picking quantities and types are required. These systems are designed to reduce the ergonomic burden on employees and use innovative technologies such as “pick by voice” or “pick by light” to ensure precise and efficient order picking. With this holistic approach, FAHRION Engineering creates optimal conditions for lean and efficient plant logistics in the sense of lean manufacturing.