Brownfield planning refers to the redesign or expansion of existing factories, in contrast to greenfield planning, where new plants are built on undeveloped land. You can find a comparison under Difference between greenfield and brownfield planning.

Our services in brownfield planning:

  • Inventory analysis:
    We carry out a detailed analysis of your existing systems to identify optimization potential and enable tailored planning.
  • Conversion concepts:
    We develop innovative conversion concepts to make your production facilities more efficient and adapt them to changing requirements.
  • Sustainability:
    In brownfield planning, we place particular emphasis on sustainability aspects in order to integrate resource-saving solutions and minimize environmental impact.

Your benefits:

  • Cost efficiency:
    By using existing structures, costs can be saved compared to new construction.
  • Time savings:
    Redesigning existing facilities can often be realized faster than building new factories.
  • Sustainability:
    Remodeling conserves resources. The revitalization of brownfield sites contributes to sustainable development and reduces land consumption.

As your partner for brownfield planning, we are at your side with our expertise and experience to help you make the best use of your existing facilities and make them fit for the future.

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