As your service provider for the planning and realization of production facilities, we offer you comprehensive solutions that range from the initial idea to commissioning.

What is greenfield planning?

Greenfield planning refers to the planning and construction of new production facilities on previously unused land, literally on a “greenfield site”. In contrast to brownfield planning, in which existing structures are redesigned or expanded, greenfield planning offers the opportunity to plan and build without existing restrictions. This allows the factory to be optimally aligned with the specific production and logistics processes of your company. You can find a comparison under Difference between greenfield and brownfield planning.

Our services in greenfield planning:

  • Location analysis:
    We support you in selecting the optimal location, taking into account logistical connections, the labor market situation and other relevant factors.
  • Requirements planning:
    Together with you, we determine the exact space requirements and plan for the future development of your company in order to create a long-term viable solution.
  • Design planning:
    We develop a customized concept for your new factory, which includes all aspects from architecture to technical equipment.
  • Project management:
    From the initial idea to the turnkey handover, we take care of the complete project management, including all approval procedures and the coordination of construction.
    In addition, we write the specifications for the required plant and machinery, put them out to tender and support you in the selection of suppliers.

Your benefit:

  • Freedom in design:
    Greenfield planning makes it possible to realize a factory entirely according to your ideas and without compromises.
  • Future-proof:
    Through forward-looking planning, we ensure that your new production facility will also meet future requirements.
  • Efficiency:
    A factory structure that has been thought through from the ground up leads to optimized production processes and can result in significant cost savings.
  • Sustainability:
    We attach great importance to sustainable construction methods and energy-efficient technologies.

As your partner for greenfield planning, we rely on innovative solutions and close cooperation to turn your vision of an ideal production facility into reality.

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