The FAHRION Process

Integration of customer know-how and process expertise

From product to process to factory

  • Product:
    Planning begins with an in-depth analysis of the customer’s product.
    Here, the customer’s specific know-how is used to precisely understand the product requirements and create the basis for the process design.
  • Process:
    FAHRION Engineering develops individual manufacturing processes by incorporating the customer’s process expertise. This collaboration ensures that the processes are not only efficient, but also optimally adapted to the customer’s production conditions.
  • Factory:
    Joint planning leads to the development of a factory layout that takes into account both FAHRION’s expertise and the customer’s specific knowledge. This enables the factory to be optimally aligned with the production targets.

Further information can be found under holistic factory planning and under factory structure planning and factory planning.

Planning phases

Planning stage 1: Structural planning

  • Collaborative situation analysis with the customer on site in workshops and inspections
  • Identification of potential improvements with the involvement of customer know-how
  • Development and evaluation of target variants, including substance balance and ROI calculation
  • Workshops to select the target variant with all parties involved

Planning stage 2: Implementation planning

  • Detailed planning of the selected target variant, taking into account the customer’s expertise
  • Detailed planning of the facilities and infrastructure in close coordination with the customer
  • Specification and preparation of the building application and functional tenders


  • Coordination with suppliers and control of production in cooperation with the customer
  • Coordination of assembly and commissioning together with the customer
  • Project management, infrastructure, construction and assembly management with the involvement of customer representatives

People and roles involved

Project managerFAHRION EngineeringMain person responsible for project management and coordination between all parties involved.
Project engineerFAHRION EngineeringTechnical implementation of the planning and interface with the customer for technical details.
SpecialistFAHRION EngineeringTechnical expert for specific challenges and innovative solutions.
PartnerFAHRION EngineeringExternal service providers and experts called in for specialized tasks.
Process expertsCustomerCustomer representatives, who contribute their specific product and process knowledge.
Project managerCustomerCoordinates project activities on the customer side and ensures the integration of customer know-how.

Close cooperation between FAHRION Engineering and the customer ensures that the project is optimally tailored to the customer’s needs, from structural planning to implementation planning and realization, and that the customer’s process expertise is fully integrated.

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