Automotive Industry

The plant of the future is a global plant with open interfaces. In international competition, branched and efficient structures will be the decisive factor for success. Simultaneous engineering, just-in-time-logistics, production-on-demand are the consequential demands. Together with Fahrion, you plan and realize these structures from the first plan to the start of batch production. Therefore, we offer an entire concept which comprises all components.

First of all, development and production facilites, as test stands, wind tunnels, production lines, paint lines, etc. Or in the building of car bodies, engines, undercarriages, for motorbikes, limousines, sports cars and trucks, for cranes and disposal vehicals, fork lifters and caravans, tanks, underground railways and high speed trains.

Secondly, we plan and optimize the products themselves. Passenger car axles, bus doors, aluminium bodies for underground railways and complete disposal vehicle superstructures were designed directly by Fahrion and integrated into production. Synergy effects included.

Thirdly: the support and integration of the suppliers. We have already contributed our know-how world-wide to nearly all branch leaders. For example for seats, wheels, axles, doors, hatches, interior, lighting, wiring, anti-blocking-systems, airbags, instruments, sliding and folding roofs, filters and coolers.

That means best prerequisites for an efficient partnership with you.