Process Engineering

Process engineering and surface treatments require fundamental knowledge in chemistry and plant technique – as well as the understanding for production procedures and quality criteria. Additionally, the modification of existing production processes requires records on the protection of people and environment.

These are complex challenges. With Fahrion, you will succeed: from the planning to the batch production. We have already planned and implemented successfully cleaning, pickling, varnishing, the chemical application and milling of metals, enamelling, etc. in the companies we supported. For example, facilities for dip-priming, varnishing by robots, powder varnishing, hardening, annealing and the coating of gear parts. Additionally, special applications like stripping by LASER or cold shock, the vapor deposition of precious metals for electronic and solar parts, the manufacture of building materials and paints, the winning of soot or the production of high-grade paper sorts.

Parallely to the production installations, we plan the corresponding disposal facilities: e.g. the chemical reworking, dry and wet separators, biological clearing reservoirs, hermetical receivers for pickling procedures or cold traps for phenols and benzols. You see: you can count on our experience also in the field of process engineering and surface technique.