Assembly planning

As your reliable partner, we understand the complexity and crucial importance of efficient assembly planning for the success of your project and company. Our expertise spans various industries and includes both the planning of new plants and the optimization of existing production lines.

What is assembly planning?

Assembly planning is a critical step in the production process that includes the preparation and organization of all necessary steps for the assembly of products or systems. It includes determining the optimal level of automation, selecting and arranging assembly equipment, planning the flow of materials and ensuring the quality and efficiency of assembly processes.

Our aim is to ensure seamless integration into your production processes while maximizing flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our services:

  • Detailed planning:
    We use advanced planning methods and tools, including 3D modeling, to design precise and efficient assembly processes.
  • Automation level determination:
    We evaluate the optimal level of automation for your assembly processes to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Smart Services:
    By integrating smart services, we improve the monitoring and control of assembly processes, resulting in higher plant availability and safety.
  • Competence development:
    We support you in developing the necessary skills to operate and maintain your assembly systems.

Your benefit:

  • Increased efficiency:
    We increase the efficiency of your production through optimized assembly processes and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Reduction of lead time:
    Through the one Piece Flow and LEAN approach, lead time and material transportation and storage is reduced to a minimum.
  • Cost savings:
    Our planning aims to minimize your production costs through efficient processes and the optimal use of resources.
  • Quality improvement:
    We place great emphasis on the quality of assembly processes to ensure the reliability of your products.
  • Future-proofing:
    With our help, your assembly processes are equipped not only for current requirements, but also for future ones.

As your partner for assembly planning, we rely on close cooperation to develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can increase the efficiency and productivity of your assembly processes.